New Technology

I believe we are able to combine new technology, innovative techniques, art, science, and a personal caring touch to create an experience that our patients cherish.



  • Digital X-rays provide us with amazing detail for more accurate diagnosis with upto 90% less exposure to radiation.
  • Implant placement and restoration to give you back your smile. Cone Beam CT scan is the most advanced imaging technique available in dentistry. It allows us to get a very accurate 3D scan of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, and important nerves. With this technology and advanced computer software we can plan implant treatment allowing for very precise and safe implant placement.

  • Cerec Cad Cam Technology-We are proud to announce that we now have the technology to fabricate precise, strong, long lasting, natural ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays right here in our Fresno Dental Office while you wait. First, the tooth is prepared for the crown. A special camera is then used to capture a picture of the tooth. Computer software is then used to construct a digital three dimentional model of your tooth and the doctor designs your crown to blend in naturally with the remaining teeth and to fit your bite. This information is then sent to our milling unit where you can watch your crown being made. It’s amazingly precise. Your crown is then bonded in place. This all takes place in our office in a single visit. You no longer need to have an impression made to be sent to a lab. You don’t need a temporary crown. Best of all you don’t need to come back for a second visit! Please visit www.cerecstories.comto hear what patients think about Cerec.